The Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies (ISPQS) was established in 1977 by members of the erstwhile Indian Prehistoric Society to promote and organize interdisciplinary studies of Prehistory and Quaternary Sciences, and to provide a common platform for archaeologists, geomorphologists, geologists, environmentalists, anthropologists and other scientists.  The Society has more than 500 Life Members spread all over the world.

The Society has three main objectives: (a) Organize an Annual Conference, and also from time to time arrange seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, and discussion meetings for academic purposes; (b) Undertake a programme of publications of academic and general nature; and (c) Encourage and organize research related to Prehistoric and Quaternary studies.

The Society publishes its Journal Man and Environment and a series of monographs. It works in close cooperation with other such professional organizations to promote excellence in research in Prehistoric and Quaternary studies in particular and archaeology in general.

Office Bearers 2022-2025

  • Acting Chairperson:  K.N. Dikshit Vice-Chairperson: S.B. Ota
  • General Secretary:   P.P. Joglekar         Joint Secretary: S.G. Deo
  • Treasurer: Shantanu Vaidya Assistant Secretary: Jayendra Joglekar

Executive Commitee

G.S. Abhayan Neetu Agarwal Parth Chauhan

Abhijit Dandekar Tejas Garge Manjil Hazarika

R.K.  Mohanty U.S. Moorty C.B. Patil

V.N.  Prabhakar Madhulika Samanta Ravindra Nath Singh


Editorial Advisors

K.K. Basa               Ravi Korisettar            K. Krishnan           R.K. Mohanty    J.N. Pal                 

K. Paddayya          K. Rajan


The Society has instituted four awards:

Professor H.D. Sankalia Young Archaeologist Award   Download information about how to compete for the award

Malti Nagar Ethnoarchaeology Award Download information about how to compete for the award

Professor R.K. Sharma Award for Excellence in Archaeology is given to a distinguished archaeologist once in two years, The selection is made by the General Body.  The award is instituted through a generous grant given by Professor R.K. Sharma.

This award has been conferred upon following scholars:

Krishna Deva (2001) B.B. Lal (2003) S.P. Gupta (2005) J.P. Joshi (2007) D.P. Agrawal (2009)

A. Sundara (2011) V.N. Misra (2013) M.L.K. Murty (2015)        S.N. Rajaguru (2017)  V.D. Misra (2019)

V.H. Sonawane (2021) M.D. Kajale (2023)

V.N. Misra Award

Shanti Pappu (2018)

Memorial Lecture

The Society organizes Professor H.D. Sankalia Memorial Lecture each year during the annual conference. Following eminent scholars have delivered this lecture:

B.B. Lal (1990) M.N. Deshpande (1991)          K.V. Soundara Rajan (1992) B.P. Sinha (1993) A.K Narain (1996)

F.R. Allchin (1997) J.P. Joshi (1998) S.P. Gupta (1999) D.P. Agrawal (2000) M.K. Dhavalikar (2001)

M.C. Joshi (2002) A. Sundara (2003) K.A.R. Kennedy (2004) Shobhana Ghokale (2006) V.H. Sonawane (2007)

K.S. Saraswat (2008) V.N. Misra (2009) K. Paddayya (2010) S.C. Malik (2012) S.N. Rajaguru (2013)

A.P. Jamkhedkar (2014) G.B. Deglurkar (2015) D.K. Bhattachrya (2017)        B.R. Mani (2017)                                    

Bijoy Kumar Choudhari (2019) Ajij Kumar (2019) S.R. Walimbe (2023)

Past Office Bearers


R.V. Joshi (1977) M.N. Deshpande (1978-1980) G.R. Sharma (1981-1984) M.N. Deshpande (1985-87) B.B. Lal (1987-89) 

B.P. Sinha (1990-92)      D.P. Agrawal (1993-95)           A. Sundara (1996-1998) V.D. Misra (1999-2001) V.N. Misra (2002-9)

P.K. Thomas (2010-12) P.K. Thomas (2013-14) S.B. Ota (Acting- 2014-16)      S.N. Rajaguru (2016-19) S.N. Rajaguru (2019-22)


M.S. Nagaraja Rao and K.T.M. Hegde (1981-1987) G.C. Mohapatra (1988-1989) V.N. Misra (1990-1992)

S.N. Rajaguru (1993-1995) V.D. Misra (1996-1998)   R.D. Chaudhury (1999-2001)       R.C. Agrawal (2002-2009)   

S.B. Ota (2010-2014) K.N. Diskshit and S.B. Ota (2016-19)

K.N. Diskshit and and S.B. Ota (2019-22)

General Secretary

D.P. Agrawal (1977-1980) V.N. Misra (1981-1989) S.N. Rajaguru (1990-1992) V.N. Misra (1993-2001)

P.K. Thomas (2002-2009) P.P. Joglekar (2010-2025)

Joint General Secretary

 M.L.K. Murty (1985-1988) P.K. Thomas (1996-2001) P.P. Joglekar (2002-2009) Shanti Pappu (2010-2019)

S.G. Deo (2019-2025)


S.N. Rajaguru (1981-1984)   D.P. Agrawal (1985-1987)     P.K. Thomas (1988-1995) V.S. Shinde (1996-1997)

P.P. Dandawate (1998-2001) Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee (2002-2009) S.G. Deo (2010-2019)

Shantanu Vaidya (2019-2025)

Assistant Secretary

M.L.K. Murty (1981-1984) R.K. Ganjoo (1989-1990) P.P. Joglekar (1991-1992) R.K. Mohanty (1993-2001)

P.S. Joshi (2002-06)           S.G. Deo (2006) Reshma Sawant (2010-2012) Sachin Joshi (2013-2016)

Veena Mushrif-Tripathy (2016-2019)   Jayendra Joglekar (2018-2019) Jayendra Joglekar (2019-2025)

The logo of the Society has been designed by Dr. Shriikant Pradhan