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The Society publishes its bi-annual Journal (June and December) Man and Environment (ISSN: 0258-0446).

This journal is in the UGC-CARE list.

Authors are not charged for publishing the articles and notes, book reviews, obituaries and conference news.

This journal publishes recent and original research in the field of South Asian archaeology, including related topics in environmental, anthropological and historical disciplines. The journal has five types of contributions: research articles, short notes, review articles, obituaries, and seminar and conference news. Books are welcome for reviews. The editors will send the book to suitable scholars to be reviewed.

Editorial Board
P.P. Joglekar
Pankaj Goyal
Jayendra Joglekar

Volume XLVIII, No.2 (July‐December 2023)

Articles and Notes

1. Colonial Archaeology of Northeast India

Tilok Thakuria and Monika Kalita

2. Neolithic Fragments from the Khasi-Jaintia Hills, Thus Far

Marco Mitri

3. Reviewing the Typology of the Khasi-Jaintia Megaliths and their Symbolic Meaning

Cecile A. Mawlong

4. The Practice of Log Coffin Burial among Naga Communities of Highland Northeast India

Tiatoshi Jamir, David Tetso, Mepusangba and Taliyanger Changkiri

5. Aspects of the Prehistory of Asian Agricultural Dispersals: A Focus on Northeast India

Alison Betts and Michael Spate

6. Archaeological Explorations at Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary, District Kokrajhar, Assam

Pankaj Brahma Choudhury and Tilok Thakuria

7. Figurations of Iron in Ethnography: Pre-Colonial Northeast India in Perspective

Amrendra Kumar Thakur and Pili Rigam

8. Sacred Temple of the Ahoms: A Case Study of the Deo-shal Archaeological Site, Charaideo, Assam

Nabajit Deori, Chabina Hassan and Simran Sambhi

9. Longtsaok Tradition among the Lepcha Community of Sikkim

Garima Thakuria

10. Compound Pottery Manufacturing Techniques in Nagaland: Ethnographic Observations

R. Chumbeno Ngullie

11. Unspoken Culture of the Nagas’: Traditional Knowledge Associated to Ferrous and Non- ferrous Metal Technologies

Tiatemjen Tzudir

12. The Crafting of Lalapaho: An Ethnographic Study of Wui Pottery, Nagaland

Yabangri Changkiri

13. An Experimental Case Study: Application of Dental Microwear Analysis (DMA) on Dental Remains from Naga Ancestral Sites (Nagaland)

Ruokuonuo Rose Yhome, Veena Mushrif-Tripathy and Tiatoshi Jamir

14. Book Review

K. Paddayya

15. Obituary

R.S. Pappu

16. Report of the General Secretary

17. Statement of Accounts