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Guidelines for Contributors

The aim of this journal is to publish recent and original research in the field of South Asian archaeology, including related topics in environmental, anthropological and historical disciplines. The journal has five types of contributions: research articles, short notes, book reviews, review articles, obituaries, and seminar/conference news. Books for reviews are welcome. 

Contributors should send two sets of the manuscript (including figures and tables) along with an electronic copy in Microsoft Word on a CD. Please mark the CD with your name, and the name of the software programmes you have used for the manuscript and figures.

The hard and electronic copies should be addressed to:

Prof. P.P. Joglekar
Man and Environment
C/o Department of Archaeology,
Deccan College,
Pune 411006, India

Email for sending articles: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Please do not send articles or any letter on editor's personal e-mail accounts.

The inclusion of article in the next issue depends on completion of peer review process. Hence, no article is accepted for a particular issue. 

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